What is your specialization of Photography?

The team at Photovideocreate Photography has a unique style of blending innovative concepts with aesthetically pleasing vision. We specialise in wedding candid photography and cinematic films while using creative lighting techniques, perspectives, compositions and post-production skills to bring out the best results.

Do you also provide videography services for the complete wedding and related events?

Yes, we provide the video of the wedding event in two parts. We give a 15-minute teaser and detailed film as per the event. You may check out the videos at Photovideocreate Photography’s YouTube channel

Do you cover destination wedding?

Yes, we do cover destination weddings.

Do you deliver each and every image shot during the event?

No, we filter the stock of images before delivering. We eliminate the duplicates, test shots, missed focused shots, and the shots with improper expressions that may dilute the overall gallery

How do you ensure quality result in each wedding?

We have a team of professional photographers who are expert in their own genres. The skills and artistic vision of our team ensure outstanding quality in each shot composed. Moreover, our post-production team also add their creative editing skills to enhance the colours and bring out the high definition picture quality.

How updated are your cameras and equipments?

We use the best in the industry camera and equipment to produce high-quality results. We keep on upgrading ourselves with high-end technologies available in the market.

Is there any limit to number of photographs that you click at the event?

There is no limit to the number of photographs clicked. However, we always eliminate the inappropriate and repetitive shots to filter the complete stock.

Do you provide wedding albums?

Yes, we provide complete wedding albums with good quality of sheets and printing as per the wedding package opted.

Do you provide complete footage of the video?

Besides the wedding teaser and detailed film, we provide complete video footage in each wedding package.

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